2018 Music Streaming Royalties List

If we're going to make a living from our music, we need to know how and where. For the time being, one of the best ways to bring in consistent income is streaming. Not all streamers pay alike, though. 100K streams can mean $100 for one channel, it can mean $1000 in another. Also every platform has varying userbases, so setting out a strategy on which platforms to tackle can be daunting.

Here are the10 highest paying streamers per100k plays:

1. Akazoo: $53,206 ( 0_0 )

2. Naxos: $5200

3. Peloton$4785

4. Zed: $4576

5. Qobuz: $3816

6. Xbox Music: $2730

7. iMusica: $2314

8. Rhapsody: $1682

9. 24-7 Entertainment: $1461

10. Telecom Italia: 1410

Based on a Financial Times article from 2015, Akazoo had at least 1.1 million subscribers. So you'd need to tap into 10% of the market to see those numbers. But those numbers were from 3 years ago and for a Euro-based service, that's a pretty low number. This is what makes mastering the streaming game tricky. I'll show you. Here's the top 10 streamers by market share.

1. Spotify

2. Apple Music/iTunes

3. Pandora

4. Google

5. Amazon

6. Deezer

7. Tidal

8. Rhapsody

9. Youtube

10. Xbox Music

If you were gunning for $50k on Spotify, you'd need upwards of 12 million streams. But Spotify has a user base of 175 million, so the tap in percentage is less than 10%, Also with Spotify having a (large) US base and a wider variety of genres, you're more likely to tap into that niche with room for more. Services like Tidal and Rhapsody have a healthy userbase as well, it's just about how well you can create a funnel into them. Hmm

I hope this opens your mind, and gives you some ideas with your promo strategy, bringing you closer to getting paid for your music.

With Light,

Vantum Noir

PS: Here is the full list via The Trichordist of the top 30 streaming platforms, their pay per stream, and more: