Lyrix : 2020 Miles Away


2020 miles away from you

My vizion clear

You could be on other planets

Yet still here

With me

Numerical Hysterical Collections

Clearing Out The Past

33rd Transgressions

Yea, Poof Vanish

But Did we plan it?

On this planet?

Did our past lives do such damage

Could you manage

Purity atop of the obscurity

Look to the trees

There lies


Our Security

Blanketed by Stardust Beauty

You such a cutie

Sunlight hits

My wrists

Rest on ya booty

So soothin

This illusion

We called life

Ordered this forever

With a side order of strife

I guess the pain is needed

guess it was needed

I guess to crawl thru thorns was heeded

We agreed to it

Firm daps while weeded and leanin

See to it

Not even payin attention

But I know exactly what you meanin

Turned a Century


And you was next to me


Your favorite tidal wave

We streamin

Thru 5 modes of consciousness


Earth Fire Wind Ether And Sea



Still had to be

Released the reigns of chariots passin me

Twin sparrows

Ye Do I Walk Through The Valley

Of The Shadow

Of The Arrow

Piercin the Opposition

Code switchin grew da mission

Reverse ice fishin

All the demons top the icy prison

Callous Apathetic Parasites

Feeding off the Bright Eyed Athletic Acolytes

I ignite my fight to see the black man

Plight No More

Fight No More

Cash On Floor

Why Should I Spill The Blood Of Yours

To Pick It Up

When I Can Hustle Wit You for a vacuum


Crabs In A Bucket Get Cooked Nigga

Regardless Of Who You Try To Get Shook Nigga

Why Do You Want Me The See The Same Heat

Why Do You want my blood on the same street

These Niggas Fear My Love

And Love My Fear

Dog I really don't fuckin care

Too focused