CASH APP Drops 5% Bitcoin Cash Back Boost And Launches Clothing Line

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Today, everyone with a Cash App card woke up to a pleasant surprise. After Bitcoin reached an all time high of $23,000, Cash App released a Boost which gives its users 5% Bitcoin back for the next 3 purchases.

This must have been something Jack Dorsey and the Square team had planned for a few weeks or months, by the way this was launched. Or, this is in response to the announcement of BlockFi's Bitcoin Back credit card.

Regardless, this is big news. First, because now you can stack Sats on your next 3 purchases, and next because it means they're open to doing more in terms of helping Cash App users earn Bitcoin.

This wasn't the only new addition Cash App made. They've officially launched a clothing line, that's actually dope.

Everything up for pre-order, but I'm definitely feeling some of these pieces. This is just more proof that Jack Dorsey is much more interested in Square than he is Twitter; and I'm anticipating the day he frees his soul from that toxic site.

Cash Card holders will get 25% Off any gear they cop. I admire this move from a business standpoint, and I definitely just bought the sweat suit. These items are limited edition, so it's definitely considered an investment. Add to this the 5% BTC Back, and you can see why this is a great deal.

If you don't have Cash App, clearly you're missing out! Hop onto Cash App here and get $10 when you sign up.