Here's How Much A Bitcoin Would Cost If One Satoshi Was Worth $1

As the USA locks down its economy and makes plans to create more and more stimulus, the price of Bitcoin continues to rise.

The recklessness of the Federal Reserve and its political puppets is slowly but surely destroying the value of the US dollar, accelerating its trajectory towards being worth zero.

Yet, as this occurs, a moment in history will occur where Bitcoin and the US Dollar meet before they go further on their opposite trajectories.

In this moment, the price of a single Satoshi will be on par with that of the dollar. The question is: when will this occur, and how much will Bitcoin be worth when this happens?

The answer is when the price of a single Bitcoin reaches $10 million. This is because a satoshi is the equivalent of .00000001BTC.

Could this occur? Definitely. Especially considering the possible hyperinflation that is brewing within the next decade for the US dollar. It is not looking good for the greenback especially as political leadership is shifting over the Democratic Party ready to create more dollars via stimulus, further weakening the currency. Add onto this Joe Biden's adamance to further COVID19 lockdowns, destroying small businesses and plummeting the real estate market.

American citizens have been strategically placed into a positon where they are begging for their own demise, in the form of stimulus checks. The Fed was already printing money like it was going out of style before. Now, with Trump spitefully halting the latest relief bill for even larger checks, the US is now in a state of choosing between being shot in the head or the stomach.

The dollar will weaken regardless. If the checks are $600 or $2000 only adds a bit more to it. What no one is mentioning is the fact that China owns $1 Trillion in US Treasury debt. As a result of COVID and the US economy being paused for an entire year, this may have given China a gain on leverage. Also China has been quietly stockpiling Bitcoin, and has been dominating the mining market, as seen in this 2019 Forbes article.

Then we have the bombshell revelations that were revealed by Tucker Carlson, who showed a video of Chinese economics professor Di Dongsheng pretty much proclaiming victory over the US by stating how China has had people on the inside pulling the strings.

On top of this, the USA's regulations into Bitcoin, is in my opinion, hurting it more than helping it. While there are many advantages to working with the US and US based companies, it is not the only way to thrive in the world. Bitcoin is global, not local, and the rest of the world is flourishing by having the ability to invest in projects that are gaining ground, while US retail investors, especially from New York, having to sit on the sidelines.

So, when you add all of these scenarios up, with Bitcoin continually growing more scarce as people lose their keys and institutions buy up more of it; it is becoming more and more likely the price of 1 Satoshi will soon reach that of 1 American dollar.

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