It's Time For Jack Dorsey To Leave Twitter Behind

So earlier when we talked about Square purchasing $50 million worth of Bitcoin, I mentioned how Jack Dorsey would likely have to make a decision between being CEO of Square and Twitter, and the potential conflict of interest. Welp, now it's not a potential decision, it's a clear one.

The political hellhole that Twitter has become has now landed Jack Dorsey in hot water as he will be subpoenaed for Twitter censoring The New York Post's release of emails showing how terrible of a parent Joe Biden is. If you haven't heard what happened,The Post tweeted an articled it shared revealing a slew of damning emails related to Hunter Biden being used as a liason by his father to do deals with Ukrainian businessmen. It centers around a Macbook Pro, seized by the FBI, that contained this information and also revealed a video of Hunter's known past as a drug addict.

Joe Biden's corruption in relation to Ukraine is not new. Trump brought it up during his impeachment trial in which he was being accused of corruption when he was actually on a phone call asked the Ukrainian president to look into this very matter. The Democrats therefore impeached him for pretty much sticking his nose into their own corruption. They said he threatened to withhold aid to them, although it was actually Biden who did that and actually had a Ukrainian prosecutor removed.

In my opinion, this was probably Trump's plan all along. The man is right when he said he was a capable genius. Diabolical genius to be exact. The Screen Actors Guild member plays dumb for the camera, and plots strategically when they go away. You don't survive the NYC real estate market without being one to be honest.

Do I think Trump has done similar to Biden? Definitely. The thing is though that Trump never held public office when he made his deals with foreigners. I also believe the Democrats caught wind of what was happening and went with it because they despise Joe Biden, who is running for president for actually the third time.

Now he was able to ensnare Jack Dorsey and Twitter into this, which makes perfect sense as they began to suppress and place fact checks on his tweets. So after sitting Mark Zuckerberg down in the nation's principals office, they got Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai. The blocking of the tweet was, but The New York Post's accounts are blocked and they will only be reopened after the tweet is deleted.

The entire issue with this was Twitter deciding what was and what wasn't credible information. This is an issue that many left-leaning social media platforms and publications have right now. As Hunter Biden's assistant has come out and said everything The Post wrote about in the article is factual, and that the FBI actually has the laptop because of another investigation related to money laundering.

Simply put, Twitter should've minded its business, but the way things look from the outside; it seems they were duped and tricked into doing so. This information was well known already. What politicians and agency operatives release to the public is stale news compared to when they actually learn of it. It's almost never in real time. Look at the situation with Trump having Hossein Soleimani killed. To the public, it was brand new; but Trump knew of his whereabouts months in advanced, most likely planned for him to be killed as soon as the election year started.

Today, Dorsey was apart of a grilling done by Ted Cruz where him, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai were all questioned and browbeaten. Dorsey looked like a 65 year old alpaca farmer who would just rather not. His beard is greying in rapid time. The man is only 43 years old and his beard is peppered in grey. People are going wild over it, but for the wrong reasons. They're praising him, and Vanity Fair asked what was hiding behind it. You know what's hiding behind it? Stress. Immense stress.

The stress from having the platform you thought would bring the world together, do the exact opposite. Stress from having to be scolded by government and having to chaperone your employees who morph into Orwellian leftists and allow echo chambers and thought policing to run rampant on a platform that was supposed to allow people the ability to speak fast and freely.

He's already acknowledged he's had to take full inventory on his life over the stress associated with running Twitter.

Jack Dorsey has to be asking himself if it's all worth it. Twitter doesn't even have the revenue compared to Square. It's actually garbage in terms of growth in comparison.

I think Jack Dorsey is making the very same mistake the USA is making in it's trying to do too much, too fast, and all simultaneously. The same way the US is trying to stave off Chinese dominance, referee and reprimand the Middle East, and maintain order and democracy within its own country; is the same way Jack Dorsey is trying to alter the way we speak to each other.

Twitter is so toxic, it's damaging the reputation of its very creator. Cancel Culture has reached a point where Twitter is about to cancel itself out. It's time for Dorsey to cut ties with the problematic social media platform. From the beginning of the social media era, one thing remained true, and that was the fact every platform has it's rise of popularity and its fall into obscurity. Twitter is at the latter half of that lifespan.

Twitter has caused people irreparable harm, from misguided cyberbullying, to doxxing, to having their dream jobs snatched from them for mere opinions. It sets the precedent for more Orwellian thought policing. It is simply making Jack Dorsey out to be a giant hypocrite when he advocates for the financial freedom of Bitcoin, then allows the suppression of free speech on his platform.

It actually sucks Twitter has morphed into this, because in terms of learning real time news, it was the go to. But like everything, the people we all loathe come in and ruin it. Just like how the Facebook people came in and ruined Instagram.

All they do on their is complain and create a contagious virus of creating echo chambers of whiny, weak cunts, who feel empowered by other weak cunts agreeing with the cocktail of leftist media indoctrination they've been fed. Just a bunch of simpletons spewing what they've been taught to people as if it is the absolute fact.

It's like that bratty kid that says " My mommy and daddy said this" when their 'mommy and daddy' don't know shit about the government they elect and allow pedophiles and pilferers to run wild on their dime.

Square is more of a benefit to the country and world at large. Their technology will advance the world far more than that garbage dump of echo chambers and fake outrage ever could. And it will keep Dorsey from being interrogated on Zoom or in the Dirksen Building.

Twitter will remain a thorn in Jack Dorsey's side as long as he's CEO. For the future of fintech and his own stress levels, he should leave it behind and fast.

Square has a much brighter future, anyway.

What do you think? Should Jack Dorsey stay the Twitter CEO or GTFO?

Lemme know in the comments below...

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