JP Morgan Shows Its True Colors On Bitcoin, Yet Again

"Bitcoin is a fraud." These were the famous words uttered by JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon a few years back. Many of us knew he was being duplicitous and it later was revealed that JP Morgan had bought XBTs which were exchange traded notes that track the price of Bitcoin. Dimon also said "If you're stupid enough to buy it you'll pay the price for it someday"

While he was telling the world to avoid Bitcoin, The JP Morgan CEO and his company were looking into it and looking into how they could exploit it, like they do everything else. were in fact involved in Bitcoin.

Now, they're publicly changing their tune and backing BTC, stating the price of digital gold has a "considerable upside." This is mainly because of what they refer to as Millennials growing interest in Bitcoin as an alternative to gold.

This is the same investment bank whose had employees recently arrested for conspiring to rig the Forex market.

Just last month JP Morgan had to pay $920 million for manipulating the precious metals market.

In July 2019, a cargo ship owned by JP Morgan was caught with over 20 TONS of cocaine. Apparently that's $1.3 Billion worth of coke, enough to make El Chapo proud.

In 2014 they were found guilty of money laundering and helping a Malaysian fugitive rob the country of over $4.5 Billion.

Oh and let's not forget to mention this is the same bank who worked with NAZIS, as Chemical Bank way back when.

We don't need JP Morgan telling us about Bitcoin. We need to do what we can to get in and get it more and more out of their greasy hands.

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