Here Are The Major Brands Working With Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies in 2020

Recently there's been a budding trend of large scale companies announcing high figure investments in Bitcoin. From Microstrategy to Square to now Stone Ridge, major players in the finance world are getting in, and this means you should too.

While the masses have yet to fully adopt Bitcoin and altcoins, the top brands they consume have been quietly forming partnerships to improve their businesses, as well.

Here's a list of some of these major brand partnerships and the purpose of their partnership:

Google (GOOG) + EOS

Announced on October 6th, Google Cloud has decided to partner with cryptocurrency project EOS in becoming a block producer.

Block.One, creator of the EOSIO software that runs the EOS blockchain, announced Google Cloud will "leverage the EOS network's world class performance and vibrant open-source community as it works to become a block producer.

Learn more about Google Cloud and EOS's partnership here.

Coca-Cola (C) + Unibright

Coke One North America, a partner of Coca Cola, announced they will use Unibright and Provide's Baseline Protocol to usher in streamlined transactions with both external goods suppliers and internal bottler-suppliers.

Announced on August 3rd, 2020; the 12 largest CONA bottling facilities will begin to implement this blockchain technology within their supply chains.

Read more about their partnership here

Walmart China + PwC + Vechain

Sam's Club, the Chinese subsidiary of Walmart, has partnered with Vechain to optimize their supply chain management, Vechain's core use-case. The main focus of the collaboration is in tracing the food products sold by Sam's Club.

This partnership also involves accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, or PwC for short. Their Chinese branch will be tasked with implementing and developing the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform, a traceability platform operated on Vechain's blockchain.

Sam’s Club will employ a modified version of VeChain’s ToolChain platform, along with software and hardware sensors, and the Internet-Of-Things. This will allow them to upload data automatically, from the company’s supply chain to the blockchain.

Sam's Club's 2.5 million members will then be able to access detailed information on the origin of products in-store, scanning QR codes found on the packaging of Sam’s Club’s many products.

Vechain's main goal is to provide a blockchain solution for company supply chains. This will allow for greater transparency for customers, greater insights for company logistics, and the prevention of counterfeiting with asset authentication.

Samsung + Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin is a cryptocurrency designed for gamers to more easily create, integrate, manage, and trade virtual goods. ENJ also acts as a base currency for game developers interested in creating in game currencies, amongst many other features.

So far the largest game working with Enjin is Minecraft, which has had over 126 million players since 2011. Enjin itself has over 20 million users on its network.

Samsung caught wind of Enjin's potential, and now they have a partnership, announced March 9th, 2019. The result of this announcement? Enjin saw a 70% boom in 24 hours.

The partnership saw Enjin being featured in Samsung's Blockchain Keystore application.

This opened more doors to Enjin as they've most recently received a Chinese certificate of approval via their Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This means the Enjin Wallet is now available to the countries 1.4 billion citizens.

IBM + Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Also in March 2019, IBM announced a deal where 6 banks signed letters of intent to issue stablecoins on World Wire, which is IBM's payment network being operated on the Stellar blockchain. The goal is to enable these banks the ability to send money at a faster rate than they could using the current traditional banking system. Three of the six banks who agreed to the deal were Brazil's Banco Bradesco, Bank Busan of South Korea, and RCBC, which is based out of the Philippines.

Jesse Lund, head of blockchain for financial services at IBM, now has his sights well set on the US market. Speaking to Coindesk, Lund explained "We are starting with markets that are outside of the U.S., but it won’t be long before we add [the] U.S. as an operating endpoint. It will be sometime this year; we will get to it, third quarter, fourth quarter something like that.”

Partnerships like these is why major financial players have recently begun revealing their investments and interests in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large.

Brands That Accept Crypto Payments

Shopify (SHOP)

The e-commerce giant has been accepting crypto payments since its initial test run with CoinPayments back in 2019. Today, the platform which allows over 500,000 users to create their own digital stores, has partnered with Bitpay, Coinbase Commerce, GoCoin and most recently, Coinpayments.

Shopify is leading the way for ecommerce platforms as they give customers of their merchants the opportunity to accept Bitcoin and altcoins for their goods and services. Their latest alliance with Coinpayments will make it possible for merchants and their customers to transact in over 1800 cryptocurrencies.

With an already gargantuan $40 billion in sales happening through Shopify and a single stock share currently trading for over $1,000, it's safe to say Shopify will be ready for the mass crypto adoption that will happen in the near future. (OSTK)

Overstock is an OG in the ecommerce space, founded by Patrick M. Byrne in 1999. The online retailer continued to be a first mover when, on January 9th, 2014, they began to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Within 24 hours of the launch, Overstock received over $126,000 in 800 orders paid with Bitcoin.

Although this was just a small percentage of their daily $3 million in sales, it is still significant as it was proven there was an audience who responded in kind to the option of paying with their Bitcoins.

They also paved the way for other major brands, like Shopify, to embrace Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment option.


As you can see, the biggest names in business have been embracing Bitcoin and altcoins. The days of cryptocurrencies being mere scams and fads are dying fast, but the major players don't want you to know that.

Left unchecked and this will just be the same song and dance, where the wealthy eat up all of the financial opportunities and trickle down the scraps to the masses.

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We are in this together and the best world is the world in which everyone is in control of their own wealth.

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