Make Money In Your Sleep With These 4 Crypto Affiliate Programs

As cryptocurrency develops into it's own sustainable economy, there are opportunities galore. Of the simplest to profit from is affiliate marketing. For those not in the know, affiliate marketing is an online method where bloggers, vloggers, and influencers refer their audience to products they might need, which it's producers payout a percentage of every sale you bring in. This is a great method for influencers to gain from simply reviewing products and services. With crypto being such a young space, there is still room to gain passive income, so I've compiled a list of the best crypto affiliate networks.

Local Bitcoins

When someone wants to buy or sell Bitcoin(BTC), they can exchange it with another person with LocalBitcoins . This peer to peer crypto exchange enables user to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with cash or sell it for a specific price. Sellers and buyers dictate their own rates based on the current BTC price and the fiat amount they are willing to buy/sell. All you need to do to join the affiliate program is create an account.

LocalBitcoins pays a 20% bitcoin commission of the amount bought or sold, which is sent directly to your LB wallet. If you refer both a buyer and seller, you'll receive a commission from both referrals for 40% of the total transaction. One thing to note is you will only receive commissions from a single affiliate for 3 months.


Unlike LocalBitcoins, Coinmama is an exchange which sells Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Cardano. It also operates in over 100 countries and accepts credit cards and cash. Coinmama's affiliate program pays in bitcoin, monthly, and will be paid only after 3 successful orders are made by at least 3 different users. If you direct the traffic to the right people this will be a breeze. Signing up for their affiliate network only requires registering an account and adding a bitcoin wallet address.


Ledger is one of the top choices for crypto hodlers and investers to store their coins and tokens, via a hardware wallet. As explained in my crypto dictionary, hardware wallets are becoming essential in keeping your cryptocurrency safe from hackers. So this will be a vital product to plug to your audience. I explain the deeper aspects of the best hardware wallets here, but want to focus on Ledger's affiliate program.

Signing up is similar to the previous mentioned programs (name, email, bitcoin address), but what needs to be acknowledged is your account will only be 'validated' after a minimum of two orders and a balance 50 EUR ($60 at time of writing) is credited to your account. Basically, you'll only be paid once these two events occur on your account.

Ledger pays out a 10% commission on every sale, excluding shipping and handling. It is paid monthly in BTC directly to your address. A Ledger Nano hardware wallet is sold for 79 EUR ($95 at time of writing) so you can expect a payout of $9.50 for every user who uses your link to purchase a Nano.


Whether hodling or trading. we need to keep track of our coins and the trades we make. This is especially true for tax purposes, as governments begin their attempts to impose taxes on cryptocurrency investors. With CoinTracking, you can develop tax reports, keep track of the overall profitability of your trades, and much more on the analytical side. CT has a free membership, but there are also the PRO and UNLIMITED memberships, which offer up to an unlimited amount of accounts to connect, wallets and transactions to add, and future updates.

From an affiliates perspective, CoinTracking offers it's affiliates a 20% commission for signups, and a 10% discount for those you refer to the platform. The catch here is CT sells it's memberships per year rather than per month. They're also in BTC. It is still a great value, since the PRO membership is .012 BTC which is around $111 for the year and the UNLIMITED membership is .019 (~$175). The lifetime membership is .289 BTC (~$2600). With this business model, it actually benefits us as affiliates greatly since that's a potential $20 to $500 per purchasing user. Plus you're bringing awareness to a tool that WILL be important for retail investors and traders alike. I definitely recommend CoinTracking, which also has an easy signup process.

As you've probably noticed, each of these cryptocurrency affiliate programs pay out in bitcoin. You may think this is an inconvenience, or you're thinking as more people use your affiliate links, you acquire more bitcoin, which will of course increase or decrease in price. Also remember those payouts can be easily invested in altcoins, without having to pay a fee and wait 1-5 business days for your transaction to execute.

Remember that cryptocurrency is still in it's infancy, and these affiliate programs will not be around forever as more people join in, so strike while the iron's hot!

With Light and Love,

Vantum Noir