Malcolm X Warned Us Of The White Liberal. Now They've Gone Too Far

"The white liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the black man."

The USA is in the midst of a culture war the likes of which has never been seen before. We have journalists leaving the very platforms they created because they've been infiltrated by quasi-authoritarian ideologues.

White Liberals Hijacked the term "woke" and co-opted it to include their flawed ideologies into the mix. I noticed this mainly when George Floyd's death was publicized. I began to see white Liberals carrying signs that said "Black Trans Lives Matter." Newsflash: George Floyd was not trans.

To go further, he was actually in the car he was pulled over in with his ex-girlfriend. So what do trans issues have to do with police brutality? I don't know, better ask BLM, whose manifesto lays out their plan to put trans black people in front of actual biological African men stating they want trans people to 'lead.'

The issue is far left ideologues are in actuality useful idiots being puppeteered by rogue Americans whose greed is being fueled by Communist interests.

The liberal useful idiot has a recurring makeup. Born in conservative environments devoid of cultural flair, they seem a new identity by adopting and co-opting lifestyles most of the time they do not understand.

"The white liberal aren’t white people who are for independence, who are moral and ethical in their thinking. They are just a faction of white people that are jockeying for power."

They'll move from middle America to a major city, find people like them, and stick to them. Ironically, they'll speak of supporting people of culture while not realizing their migration to large cities where many people of culture makes it more difficult for those natives to find gainful employment. The new liberal version of themselves, that they've created, is at most ease and comfort within these groups of people, and anyone who questions the fundamentals of their lifestyles and ideology is immediately alienated from their "safe space."

These people are no different than gang members who feel they're most powerful in the group. Were these toxic liberals to be surrounded by people who knew they lived opposite to them in certain aspects, and we're respectfully questioned on it, they know they could be convinced there are fallacies within the livelihoods they impose upon others. They know this deep down as well, but the egoic orgasm of having your beliefs, as flawed as they are, accepted by a growing majority, has drunken their soul with assumed social hegemony.

The truth of racism in the United States is many white people still harbor a certain amount of racism from within. It is their innate feeling of inadequacy when they see an African descendant of slavery that has been fed into them by the very same system that indoctrinates them to find solace in the skewed position of social prowess they have.

For every moment they feel self-conscious when they see a black person succeed, the society they've grown up in reminds them that they've been given a certain privilege that has been taken away from African Americans. Examples of this are how they are treated by police, how they are favored over Africans in the job interview process, and the overall populous majority they live in as "white people."

One thing I've noticed is the white liberal does not reject their whiteness, and the white supremacy that comes with it. Rather they tuck it in, delicately deciding when to use it to their advantage. I remember working for Amazon and one white liberal telling me they used their "white privilege" to smuggle drugs into the country.

The toxic white liberal is actually more racist than the white conservative. The toxic white conservative's racism, albeit still heinous, is much more understood. Their racism is based more on nationalism. They want to have their own country, with their own people, and fear people of culture overtaking them on the land their ancestors stole, as ironic as this is. This is why Marcus Garvey was able to reason with KKK members and gain their support of his Back to Africa movement. Yet, it was the white liberal who thwarted this movement.

If you remember, it is actually the Republicans who fought on the side of abolishing slavery. The Democratic Party were the ones with sour grapes who then enacted Jim Crow Laws, and ran the south until the parties "flipped."

While the white conservatives want the land they genocided for solely to themselves, the white liberal wants to keep Africans enslaved to them, whether it be mentally by always lying to us about supporting our success and under us, or financially by encouraging us to participate in the same system they know is rigged for them to succeed more.

I'll never forget the moment when the George Floyd protests occurred and I saw a group of white Liberals in the ritzy Upper East Side having their fancy dinner with their cardboard square with some half-assed slogan written on it sitting at the bottom of the chair. It was a beautiful metaphor that as long as the white liberal have their high-class status, they'll always keep African Americans at the bottom of their priorities.

To add to this point, the Upper East Side is one of the best-kept secrets in liberal racism. Go to any Upper East Side restaurant, and count how many African Americans you see sitting down there or even working. It is usually none and I know, because I would normally deliver food there. To the Southern racist, it is their dream. Ironically it is flooded with people who have a different idea on how they should express their racism.

It was interesting to watch many of these toxic white liberals continually go to Washington Square Park, "protesting." They always decided to go to where they felt safe to protest. Isnt it funny how they didn't decide to protest on 125th Street or at any housing project to protest police brutality with, you know, the people most afflicted by it?

Then they proceeded to have bike rides around the city. As you can see, these toxic white liberals were using George Floyd's death as an excuse to go outside and get some fresh air, while pretending they cared about his death, with the ultimate goal to not be labeled a 'bigot.'

Let's face it, if it weren't for the pandemic, the majority of these faux activists would be using their jobs as an excuse to not come out and protest. They'll never admit it, but they indeed used George Floyd's protest as a mere excuse to go outside and simultaneously co-opt their discontent about the COVID19 lockdowns via George Floyd. The Kabal designed it for that very reason for everyone, anyway.

The white liberal cares so much about people that their cities have the highest homeless rates, poverty rates, crime rates, you name it. Look at Chicago, a city that only has one place more murderous, Jamaica. Look at New York City and Los Angeles, where homelessness has become an epidemic, yet these toxic white liberals work $100k jobs at marketing and tech firms. Speaking of which, less than 2% of African Americans work in advertising yet so many ads try to push a "woke narrative." 

See, the toxic white liberal is tolerant and supportive of African Americans as long as they do not intellectually and financially usurp them, and as long it's a black woman and not a "big, scary" black man. They will scream Black Lives Matter as long as a black life isn't soon taking their job at that marketing agency. They will champion Obama because he's mullato, and the intelligent ones know there are some white men in the shadows than control him and probably have controlled him since he was a youth. It's funny actually.

Here's a social experiment, Go into Starbucks and watch how many people order their coffee BLACK. Most of them fill it with cream and sugar. Seems like a tangent, but it's the perfect metaphor to describe these people. They can't handle the strong, raw truth, so they have to water it down and sweeten it up.

In cities like New York, the majority of the African American men you'll see will be either working blue-collar jobs or not working at all. The white liberal wants to give you the image that there's been social progress since the Civil Rights Movement. This "progress" is only shown when chaperoned by their subtle white supremacy. They will only let you succeed if you toe the line, dress the part, and show belief in their wildly flawed ideology.

I've had many conversations with toxic white liberals where I made the mistake of showing my intelligence, only for them to grow rude, condescending, and reveal their deep-seated racism. They try to treat me like I'm crazy, not knowing I've probably done more research on this country than they've ever done in their entire lives. I haven't a choice. As an African born in America, 9/11 changed my world. It was the first time I was left without a legitimate answer, and it opened up a rabbit hole of learning the harshest truths about what happens in the top rungs of leadership in this country.

The sad part is how confident they are in what they've been told rather than what they know innately. As melanated people, we are simply of higher intuition. It is why when we are at our peaks, Africans have a telepathic connection. We can know what the other is thinking and what the next move will be without even uttering a word or stimulating a gesture. The toxic white liberal will never understand this, envy it, and ultimately want to suppress it since they cannot co-opt it.

The toxic white liberal is a major hypocrite. They scream Black Lives Matter yet throw gargantuan support behind Planned Parenthood, which is responsible for the deaths of many black babies.

They even have a street named after Margaret Sanger, an avowed racist who wanted to exterminate African Americans in NYC.

They voted in Joe Biden, who eulogized a KKK member that rejected the Civil Rights Bill, and backed the Anti Crime Bill that lead to the mass incarceration of African and Latin Americans on charges that deserved lighter sentences, and Kamala Harris, who's made a political career of lying, jailing innocent people, and sleeping her way to the top. You can even say Tupac (who Kamala apparently used to listen to before he even dropped a song) was a victim of this bill as he was arrested and charged after it was passed. 

Just like how Trump was a representative of his voters, is the same way Biden and Harris are. The toxic white liberals are celebrating now, but I guarantee you they won't be when they realize just who they voted for.

The Toxic White Liberal loves trans and gay black people but never ask how they got that way, to begin with. They never ask about the homosexual abuse of Africans by Europeans, which traces back to Transatlantic slavery and further to Roman Empire slavery. The social climate toxic white Liberals feel most comfortable is one in which black men are constantly targeted for feminization because our raw innate masculinity is a threat to the weaker variety of white liberal men. Also, it ties back to Planned Parenthood: more abortions and more trans and gay black people who are lower class ultimately mean less black people in America.

They also never take African Americans to task for the self-destructive aspects in our communities. Not even Obama has taken African Americans to task for our lack of self-sufficiency, the cultural perpetuation of frivolous based gun violence, poor food habits and the health defects that follow, and overall reliance on them.

The toxic white liberal is akin to a parent that fears the day their child grows fully independent, so they do everything they can to suppress and stand in the way of their progress.

Now ask yourself who the REAL racists are.

Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, and Tyler Perry have all dressed in drag for roles. Eddie Murphy took it a step further in creating an entire movie dedicated to making fun of the average African American woman with Norbit. While I admit the movie had its funny moments, what isn't funny is the movie was directed by a white man.

In X-Men First Class, there was a scene when Magneto was speaking and referenced slaves, where the camera immediately panned to the sole African American man in the film. This film was directed by toxic white liberal Bryan Singer, who is also an alleged pedophile who has had scores of men come out and admit they were abused by him.

Of course toxic white liberal Hollywood brushed this under the rug to focus on Harvey Weinstein, because they know Harvey has acted alone in his crimes and Singer was having PARTIES with preteen and early teenaged boys walking around naked in parties only attended by grown men. Truly a woke mob mentality indeed.

Toxic Liberal Hollywood has long made major efforts to effeminize African American men and thankfully their industry has been exposed for its rampant pedophilia and hopefully destroyed thanks to the "pandemic."

The issue with the toxic white liberal is their fear and self-loathing. They've never learned to love themselves adequately so their self-love has to come to the extent of others' suffering. It has to come from 'canceling' someone or demanding people accept ideologies they haven't fully thought through.

They feel so lonely and isolated that they prefer the anonymity and assumed power of the online herd, insulating themselves in the Twitter, Reddit, and Quora echo chambers of lies costumed as truth, with no opposing opinions penetrating the discussion.

They won't because that would mean their lust for a "lived experience" of social variety is threatened.

The TWL's love to identify the PREJUDICE of white conservatives yet they do not acknowledge their own and their  RACISM. The white liberal is so intelligent they don't even know the difference between prejudice and racism, yet they can cast scarlet R's on whichever person their fellow members of the fake woke mob agrees should receive it.

Thanks to platforms like Reddit and Twitter, the white liberal now has a platform to spew COMMUNIST ideology in the form of seeking social equity, while being protected by the overseers of the platform who align with their views. This shows the flaws of human control over social media and signals to me the future of social media will definitely be AI-driven.

The main issue with the toxic white liberal is their inability to at least listen to an opposing opinion, acknowledging the flaws of their own. They have weak scruples and megalomaniacal aspirations, so much so they'll constantly use the image of inclusion not to give the less fortunate a fair shake, but to gain more hegemony within the American socioeconomic hierarchy.

The issue in this country is the majority of people who are generally benevolent are simultaneously naive and think the virtue-signaling of toxic white liberals is authentic.

They are exactly what Malcolm X described them as, foxes donning BLM feathers to make their way into the henhouse.