NFL Player Creates History, Becomes First Athlete To Be Paid In BTC

Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Russell Okung decided in 2019 he wanted to receive his pay in Bitcoin when he tweeted it in May 2019.

Now, he's getting his wish. The 2-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champ of Nigerian descent, will work with Zap, a startup founded by Jack Mallers. Zap's Strike product will enable Okung to receive half of his $13 million salary in Bitcoin. Mallers said the NFL and NFL Players Association had to approve the arrangement.

Mallers has also said other athletes have hopped on board, including an unnamed Brooklyn Nets players (Kyrie?)

So how does Strike work? While Okung is still being paid in fiat, his checks are sent to Strike, which then immediately swaps the dollars for BTC. The Bitcoin is then sent to his cold wallet. This all happens using Bitcoins Lightning Network, which is a secondary system that enables faster and cheaper transactions compared to the traditional Bitcoin network.

Strike, launched its beta over a year ago, being able to connect via routing number. They also have a debit card coming soon, to allow users to instantly use the BTC direct deposited to them.

Check out Zap's Strike feature here.

Would you use Strike to get half your paycheck in BTC? Comment below!

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