Pornhub Now Only Accepting Crypto After Losing VISA & Mastercard Partnerships

After a scandal swept Pornhub, the 10th most trafficked website on the internet, lost its payment processing ties with Mastercard and VISA. Paypal and American Express were already not partnered with them, and DISCOVER is following suit in rebuking any ties to them. The reason behind this was due to a New York Times article reporting a growing number of sexual content on the platform that featured underaged girls, sexual assault, and revenge porn. Pornhub's response has been to overhaul their processes, banning downloading from the platform, only allowing verified users to upload, and taking greater initiative in its moderating.

Naturally, many people will hear this news and refuse to visit Pornhub, but the reality is, as the 10th most visited site in the world, it will not destroy their business, especially as they get majority of their visitors from countries like The Philippines and Romania.

As a result of being blacklisted, Pornhub Premium's payment gateway is only accepting cryptocurrencies through Probiller. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash, Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), and, Tether (USDT).

On Reddit one user called this “one of the biggest news of the year for adoption" and I actually agree. As the old adage goes 'sex sells' and for Pornhub it sells well. According to Worth Of Web, Pornhub is valued at $2.8 billion. Without credit card payment processing, the audience who will want to access their premium subscription and tip content creators, have no choice but to do so with crypto.

This is also huge news considering Pornhub gets over 42 billion vistis a year. Also this will push them into seeking a solution for crypto subscriptions, potentially opening the door to a partnership with Trustswap(SWAP), who's working on such a solution.

This isn't the first time Pornhub made waves in the crypto community as they once tried a partnership with Verge that wound up being a dud. Now, they have no choice for the moment. Since the blacklisting, they've removed majority of their videos and am standing behind their word on monitoring the site heavily.

Only time will tell what happens next. Just like how many users rabbit-hole themselves on the adult website, they'll apply this same behavior should they want to access Pornhub Premium and choose to learn about crypto.

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