The First Time I Ever Thought Warren Buffett Was Wrong

How old is Warren Buffett? 87. So he's 61 years older than me. To many of us he's the rich uncle who doesn't ever give us money but sound advice. But he's wrong about crypto. Recently he said buying Bitcoin isn't an investment. I can't agree with him on this. He's been at it for a while with this. And to be honest with you I wish people would stop giving a damn about what he has to say. Mainly because he does not make a clear and concerted effort to learn the technology. That's his own philosophy, Buffett doesn't invest in anything he doesn't understand. So why the f∞™k does he keep talking down on Bitcoin? I don't get it.

To address his latest claims, Bitcoin may not be the future of cryptocurrency. There are many new alts which outperform it in terms of speed and scalability. To say it isn't an investment is utterly absurd, though. Bitcoin is an investment in the future of finance. It is investing in the breaking down of global barriers and allowing the world an opportunity to flourish. If it were not for people investing in Bitcoin, there wouldn't be people becoming millionaires from doing their homework, or now where the cryptocurrency market is creating employment opportunities. There wouldn't be websites accepting Bitcoin and alts. There wouldn't be a greater opportunity to make a DIFFERENCE in the world for those who yearn for it.

I respect Warren Buffett. I mean everyone does. But the way he goes on about Bitcoin is very sus. And we have been dealing with manipulation in the market, so to anyone just getting into crypto, understand it's already growing similar to Wall St. It could be possible he is in fact invested in Bitcoin indirectly and is spreading FUD to get it to where he wants to enter. I have to theorize because if you're this 87 year old man worth $83 Billion why is it even a concern of yours? And this goes back to the first sentence. Warren Buffet is not only an 87 years old year old man, but an 87 year old man with a consistent diet of McDonalds and Coca-Cola. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit. Yeah, those were slammin' back in the day but dude you're EIGHTY SEVEN. And he eats this EVERYDAY. We are breeding and raising the Generation of Vegans. So Warren Buffett's lifestyle already conflicts with our more health conscious habits. And yet, it was reported majority of todays elderly wealthy expect to live 'til or past 100. So OK that's thirteen years.

Cryptocurrency has just started gaining heat. Nobody cared about bitcoin when it was $2. Warren Buffett wasn't telling the MSM Bitcoin was 'not an investment' in 2014. So it has managed to grow from $135 to nearly $20k in 5 years. Not because people just decided to join in on the party of making money and buying drugs on Silk Road. Silk Road actually turned people off of Bitcoin when it was taken down by the feds. Oh, and by the way the US government auctioned off the Bitcoin they seized from Ross Ulbricht's arrest., nearly $50 Million. So if the local government itself is selling Bitcoin to Tim Draper, why am I listening to an investor with potentially 13 years left to live as a 26 year old vegan male who understands Bitcoin and blockchain? Just because he says it's 'speculation'? The government, who I'm technically paying, used Bitcoin to make themselves more money. I've been spending days and hours reading definitions and whitepapers, watching tutorials and crypto reviews. There are people who invested and continue to invest way more time than me. The Vitalik Buterins and Andreas Antonopolous' of the world.

If time is money and people are devoting more time in developing advanced financial technology, then why is Buffett so against this? Truthfully I stopped caring, because the stark truth is I'm banking on Bitcoin being around well after Warren Buffett. Plus, the way in which the financiers of elder betrayed the people with predatory loans from high school kids to first time buyers, how could I really trust their word?

With Light,

Vantum Noir