The USA Is At Its Weakest Point & Americans Are Unaware Of It.

Right now the USA is locked down due to the COVID19 virus. At the same time, China is up and running. The IMF has just announced that China has officially overtaken the US. While China is leading the way in AI technology, making deals with the sleeping giant that is Africa, and bolstering their navy; the USA is in the midst of its most contentious election in recent memory. People cannot stop arguing about trivial nonsense.

They spend their time on Twitter calling each other idiots because they simply can't express their opposing opinions in a way the other side can still disagree with but respect. Productivity is taking a nosedive. Americans are getting lazier and now more reliant on the government with them demanding another stimulus check. 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and don't have $500 for an emergency.

People are struggling to pay their mortgages, as the middle class dwindles. Student loan and credit card debt continually climbs, as well as climbing into the trillions. It has even reached a point where the US is on the verge of their debt being greater than their ENTIRE ECONOMY. To top it off, many economists have signaled the US is walking into the reality of dollar hyperinflation. The stock market being pumped up by the Fed makes it seem so.

The scariest part about this is the majority of Americans are completely oblivious. They think things are just fine. They really believe COVID19 is just some random occurrence that just happened. Even though there are too many suspiciously intertwined events that dictate otherwise. Take Bill and Melinda Gates, Johns Hopkins University, and the World Economic Forum's Event 201, which focused on simulating a scenario in which a virus hit. The simulated virus was even called nCov.

Literally on the same day, October 18 was the World Military Games. This was an event held in various locations, that in 2019 was held in WUHAN, China. I'm sure if you've been looking into this pandemic, that city rings a bell. By the way, this was Wuhan in August:

As you know Bill Gates is a former Harvard student. In an isolated incident, a Harvard Professor of nanotechnology was arrested along with two Chinese spies were recently arrested with one trying to smuggle vials of "biological research" out of the country. Another was a lieutenant in the Peoples Liberation Army of China. This is the same Harvard that gave Jeffrey Epstein, the man who pimped teenage girls to

If you look at the article I linked, you'll see the US Justice Department released this on January 28th, 2020. Look at this to see what everyone was talking about at the same time. Nothing about China.

Everyone was still distracted with the bullshit impeachment trial Nancy Pelosi drummed up. Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, a month later, she was in Chinatown, San Francisco, when she said "Everything is fine here."

Keep in mind that the first case of COVID19 was reported in November in China, and Trump halted travel from and to China on January 31st, 2020. Of course, this was 11 days after the first COVID19 case in the US was reported. Nevertheless, why was Nancy Pelosi telling people "Everything is fine, here" (that's verbatim by the way) when the virus was already in the US? Why did she downplay the travel ban? And why now is she giving the Senate 48 hours to agree to further destroy the economy with a $2.2 trillion stimulus?

Because she's corrupt, of course.

While she's had everyone distracted with impeachment, and now delaying the second stimulus, Chinese spies were uncovered and arrested, with one having infiltrated the NYPD and another working for the CIA, with Top Secret clearance,and FBI for over 20 YEARS.

Apparently, spying is commonplace amongst nations, but it's usually a tit for tat like what happened with the US and Russia. The US expels Russians agents and Russia expels US agents.

China is much different. They've become an extremely difficult country to spy on. They have highly advanced mass surveillance on their streets and they swiftly killed over a dozen US spies on their soil. This did not happen overnight of course.

China planted this seed over 50 years ago, when President Nixon, whose corruption was later revealed to the world, went to China in 1972. From that point, the US began to weaken economically, as it grew more and more dependent on foreign manufacturing, particularly from China and Japan. China went a step further and found their way into Hollywood, set up shop in key US cities, and reached a point where they're taking over New York City.

Within the last five years, Chinese immigration to the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn exploded and I've witnessed block after block of businesses with Mandarin characters on the awnings.

I used to do deliveries in NYC and whenever I'ld go to the West Side of Midtown, every new building had a large number of young Asian tenants. China also has over 4 million millionaires in the short span of time they've grown economically. 50 years to be exact. Coincidence? Yeah, right 🙄.

Of course, Americans are oblivious to this. They'll still buy iPhones that used to be made in China, (they're now made in Brazil and India). They still fill up Panda Expresses and PF Changs, seek out the cheaper products in Target and Walmart made in China, go for the Japanese and Korean imports over the domestics, so much so they killed their own auto industry by not supporting it. I've even seen people buying masks made in China! The US has become a country that is at the top self destructing knowingly, and at the bottom self destructing unknowingly.

I would watch certain videos about China's emergence and see people speaking in a Jingoistic manner (ironic) about how the US could go to war with China and annihilate them. These sad Americans do not know how badly the US would lose in a battle against China.

China has 1.4 billion unified citizens, while the USA is a nation of 355 million people divided by identity politics, tribalism, racial tension, and an overall spirit of American individualism. Not only this but the Chinese are healthier than US citizens and have such an insane leverage on trade, Trump has been fighting with them tooth and nail. Americans really underestimate how much of their manufacturing was delegated to China over the last half century. They're also oblivious

COVID has already shown this, as well. The Chinese were so cunning, they used the USA's greed and reliance on pharmaceuticals against them. This is a nation of people who have survived thousands of years due to herbal medicine. You can go to any Chinatown in the US, and find homeopathic medicines like ginseng.

So China actually released an herbal jelly for its citizens to take for COVID. If you look at that article, you can see how smugly written it is, promoting this arrogance and gullible belief in allopathic medicine. Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca's COVID19 vaccine trials were halted after their guinea pigs, excuse me test patients, became ill.

Think about it. China releases an herbal jelly and the country is back up and is the only nation experiencing positive growth this year, and the US is struggling to get a vaccine out. Think about this as well. China is a nation over 5,000 years old. They've been through droughts, famines, and plagues long before the Roman Empire even existed.

Why is it all of a sudden that allopathic medicine would be more successful than natural herbal remedies? With all due respect, only an idiot thinks being stabbed with a poison tipped dart, filled with chemicals they don't know the effects of, could somehow heal them. They don't even say vaccines heal either, merely "treat."

I'm presently writing this in the US. Miami to be exact. I'm thinking deeply to myself if a future in the USA is even worth it, and am struggling to agree that it is. The people have really devolved into simpletons. Again thanks to Nixon suppressing the New Age movement, and throwing all the hippies and militant African Americans in prison for bullshit drug charges. Also the rampant shoveling of sugar into every possible foodstuffs found in the supermarket. Not to mention the mainstream media lies and an education system designed to create new classes of clueless cogs in this hyper-capitalist machine.

The main issue I have with Americans is their utter reluctance to look themselves in the mirror and acknowledge the mistakes they've made. Add to this the lax delegation of their livelihoods to their government and the corporate interests. I graduated college with a Bachelors in Advertising, and to see how susceptible Americans fall for it puts me in a very weird place.

I feel like a wolf that's more of a kind and gentle. Admittedly feeling gullible for falling for the "treat others as you'd want to be treated" idiom, I've realized this clearly does not align for Americans. It's why sayings like 'nice guys finish last' exist to begin with. It's like I mentioned before, how majority of Americans take pride in being prey.

Ultimately compassion will wane even within the most loving, and I find myself growing the fangs of mercilessness. Americans have become so easy to exploit, I never wanted to engage in it, but it seems as if they demand it. Just like how they demand sports without politics, although the sports was created and promoted for that very purpose.

Also as an African born in the US, it is a strange perspective as someone who is aware of what is happening in the country. At times I feel bad for the oblivious Americans who go about life as usual, unaware of the true intent behind this COVID19 lockdown. But then I think of my experience here, which has been anything but enjoyable.

I think of how George Floyd's death was politicized primarily by Caucasian millennials who only co-opted an effort of social awakening to cowardly pin blame because of their perverse attraction to victimhood. To the point where they had pointless bike rides, and constant protests that went nowhere. The powers that be knew what they were doing with the George Floyd situation.

The weather was getting warmer and people were itching to go out. Rather than express outrage at the establishment for lying about the lockdown ending after "stopping the spread," they diverted attention onto a drug addict who was strangely killed with a knee to the neck, in which was recorded by an apparent bystander. It just begs the question of: if you see someone with a knee on another persons neck, police or not, why would you record it when you pushing the assailant off would do more to stop it?

All while this happened, Google did its best to suppress anyone opposed to the official narrative that is obviously the New World Order. People were pretty much paid to protest and loot. The black people went out and didn't even care about George Floyd. They looted simply because the opportunity struck. I watched scores of cars filled with black people in NYC drive in when the protests happened. I watched as they ransacked Gamestop and Sephora like to stupid ass niggas I know they are. What were those little trinkets going to do to establish justice?

I watched white kids pretend as if they cared about George Floyd, only using it as an excuse to go outside and do their best Instagram Activist impression. Later they'd take their "Trans Black Lives Matters" (because apparently George Floyd was trans 🤦🏿‍♂️) picket signs to the Upper East Side to enjoy a nice sidewalk dinner. I literally seen this, and it revealed to me so much about their fake asses. If they weren't either unemployed or stuck in their house working all day, they'd be in their little hamster cage cubicles, pretending they couldn't make the effort.

It's this selfishness that reminds me not to be so sad of what is coming their way.

I think of the African American men twice my age laying on the sidewalks and asking me for money. The woman I watched in Brickell digging in the garbage can for food. The people all over NYC and Miami homeless, with nobody really caring about them.

Today I saw a man in front of Whole Foods in a wheelchair with no legs and a woman, who looked like she had at least a bit of money, walk past him as if he did not exist. The other homeless black men I've seen actually were able bodied and could beg as much for a job as they could for money to blow on food and drugs. This man was handicapped. He shouldn't even be on the streets.

Only us as young African American men have to go through the pain of seeing men who were supposed to be guiding you, becoming parasitic towards you, only wanting money for a temporary fix.

Yet the many millionaires who pass through these two cities could give a fuck less. It made me think maybe this is how the Universe wants it to be. For all these selfish people to continue feeling like their millions mattered until the dollar collapses and their millions can't even pay for the lease on their Lamborghini.

I think of all the systemic oppression and the fact that this is a country that has 250 million Caucasians and 47 million African Americans. Why would I want to stay here? Why not go to Nigeria where there are 200 million Africans on the verge of becoming the first African nation to reach top 10 status in the world? Why not go to Egypt, to see the remains of what my ancestors built that the same descendants that run the US tried to conceal and destroy? Why not go where I am treated best?

I don't wish for the suffering of others. There's no need. Nevertheless, somethings gotta give, and it seems Americans are walking, if not running towards the edge of a cliff. The USA has become a country in which to the villain goes the spoils and the sheeple keep him spoiled, hoping one day to be as villainous as him.

Many American men have become weak simps who defer to women for everything and cannot stand up to them. They're afraid to say what they think would offend women, because they're so biologically insecure and desperate to be seen as a potential mating partner. It's truly pathetic to watch men emasculate themselves for female approval. Akin to a peacock rolling around in tar to appease the female peacock who thinks his vivid feathers oppress her.

Many American women have become miserably misplaced into lives they thought they wanted but realize they never did. They also pick up ideologies that are detrimental to their overall well-being in order to seem powerful and align with the image of a strong, independent feminist. Divorce rates as a result in the US are at an abysmal 50%. The people are enslaved to the state, demoralized, and destitute.

They distract themselves from what needs addressing with state sponsored sports, gossip, and junk foods. Then when it's time to vote, they take tribalist positions, and vote for corrupt politicians like Nancy Pelosi because they think voting "#BlueNoMatterWho" actually makes sense.

Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt. Now Americans demand it. They demand no politics in their sports, as bizarre as it sounds. It makes me question the very validity of the concept of equality. How can a nation truly be equal when the peasants prefer peasantry, demand peasantry, and are prideful and complacent in their peasantry, while dreaming of reaching aristocracy?

The US had the benefit of anyone being able to reach a pinnacle of perceived success. The issue is the internet has given that opportunity to the entire world now. Before it was a dollar and a dream, now it's a laptop and a low cost of living. Rags to riches is no longer exclusive to hard and smart working Americans, but to hard and smart working Earthlings. It no longer matters where in the world you reside, as long as you have the drive and ambition to manifest your dreams, you can and will achieve it.

The average American would read this and think this is all just a conspiracy theory. When they get slapped in the face with the reality of the misdeeds of the men and women they've voted in, it'll be too late.

This country was weakened long ago. Now the consequences are going to be felt, and a bit of me feels sorry for the Americans who don't realize it until it's too late. They've become too narcissistic, too gullible to mainstream media lies, and too lazy.

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