Boost Your Baller Stats With These 3 Youtube-torials

There was a time where I didn't even care about basketball anymore. I decided to take a footwear ergonomics course at FIT to gain some knowledge and find an outlet for my passions. While there I remember there were intramural games on Tuesdays so I decided to go. The fellow students were the typical loudmouth bunch but one thing they had over me was they could shoot. So it was always annoying to play on teams where nobody played interior defense yet left their men open on the perimeter. I couldn't worry about them though. I had to get better for myself. So after moving back to Queens, I began going to a local rec center to work on my game.

This is where the real struggle begins...

OMG how frustrating it was ( and still is ) to really get the fundamentals down pat. Perfection can be a bitch, but she's a worthy bitch. I knew I had to practice and do it repetitively of course. It was my consistency that was an issue. I'd make a few shots in a row and then I'd proceed to miss and almost airball the next. I needed to know exactly what I was doing wrong, and nobody around me would really tell me. So I took to Youtube and watched some videos. Not even that was easy. It's no shade to anyone making tutorial videos ( do ya thang) but alot of people on YT have no clue what they are talking about. But I found some. I found the videos that made sense, from the people who had the knowledge. I subscribed and watched these 3 channels religiously:

1. EGTBasketball

The first trainer I saw was Drew Hanlen. It was his 10 Keys To Shooting A Perfect Jumpshot (seen above) vid that really put me on. The tips made complete sense. Drew breaks down each aspect of shooting with correct form and it makes for the perfect guide for people just starting out or those in a slump in need of a refresher. It was after watching the video habitually did I learn Drew trained Joel Embiid, Jayson Tatum, Kelly Oubre, Bradely Beal and Zach Levine. Plus he played D1 at Belmont. So call that a j

ackpot! Be sure to also check out his Pure Sweat Basketball channel, where he gives a peek into his training sessions with the pros.

2. ShotMechanics

Even with getting down Coach Drew's 10 keys, I still had some issues keeping the shots water. The related section lead me to ShotMechanics and Coach Colin Castellaw. Coach Colin provides great shooting drills that are not only fun but develop a certain amount of shooting rhythm needed for knocking down shots consistently.

3. iLoveBasketballTV

It was actually a friend that put me on to Coach Rock and ILoveBasketballTV. He gets into it all. And he takes request from his audience with this video on how to Jelly as an example. Watching his videos will definitely add a different style and some flare to your game.

Of course anyone can watch these videos, but the hungry dogs will study them. These guys have tons of videos so find your faves and watch them 'til you're tired of it. That's really the only way you can be the best baller you know you can be. Or the best period.