What It Really Says About You When You Don't Tip

When I was living in the USA, I'd work gig economy, particularly delivery apps. Though I do have a degree in Advertising, I let go of my goals to work my way up the ladder when I interned at a bunch of agencies and saw how terrible the concept of working a 9-5 was. It just didn't suit me to sit in a chair for 6 hours of the day doing absolutely nothing.

These people do not understand the basic ethos of reciprocity. That you get back what you put out.

When I was working delivery I noticed a lot about people who would use these services like Doordash, Postmates, UberEats, etc. One in particular was how they tipped.

What I noticed is the people who tipped more than often were very courteous and gave proper direction; while those who didn't were the total opposite. The people who tip are usually rude, demanding, give vague direction, and flat out entitled. Here's an example. This customer didn't tip but wanted me to make sure to go the extra mile for them. Naturally I didn't do the delivery and proceeded to write a blog .

It made me realize this one thing about people who didn't tip using these apps and how it paralleled to the greater situation of Americans at large being broke.

The people who didn't tip were clearly living above their means. They couldn't afford to order food delivery, but wanted to anyway. They were way more entitled, and always ordered cheaper food like fast food. There orders more than not included drinks, which many times makes it even more difficult to deliver. So think about it: why would anyone do more work and go through more hassle for less money?

I've even delivered food to the projects and stood in astonishment as going up in the urine stenched elevator to give some morbidly obese black woman her soul food order.

For the people who have the means to order delivery, it's convenience. For the people who can't it's sheer laziness. Sometimes I've even delivered food from restaurants across the street. I've had people tip me $25 just to deliver Juul Pods.

It really shows the essence of those who understand business. The whole point of business is to make someone's life easier in a way you are passionate about. We're all in this country for that very purpose. Well, we're supposed to be.

The issue with these Americans is they have this grandiose perspective where they think their King Henry VIII and everyone is supposed to kiss their feet and feed them grapes. Yet what have they even done to deserve this? Kings received royal treatment for their valor, bravery, and leadership in aiding their soldiers out of dire situations.

The irony is King Henry VIII was living off the glory of his father Henry VII, wasted money on unsuccessful wars, married 6 times, and died obese and miserable. He's a shining example of what the US has become. This is who many Americans unknowingly live like. Maybe the elites have designed it as such.

You can call yourself a king or queen as much as you want, it doesn't make it true. Especially when you move more like a serf than that of royalty. I understand the aspect of speaking things into existence, but I see mostly black women calling themselves queens, while living financially at the bottom of the barrel compared to all other women ethnically. 

The practice of tipping actually began in Tudor England, ironically under King Henry VII. Guests at private homes would provide what was called 'vails'

to the servants of the host. This later spilled into tipping at coffeehouses and other local businesses.

In Germany, tips are referred to as trinktgeld, which translates to drink money. It was referred to as such from the custom of inviting servants to drink in honour of the guest and to show generosity amongst each other. And even in this individualistic, hyper-capitalist society; the people at the top maintain this principle.

Researcher Michael Lynn described the five motivations for tipping as:

- A sense of duty

- For improved future service

- To supplement the servers income

- To avoid disapproval from the server

- To show off

The last one is funny because Americans love to show off. They love to wear luxury clothes and drive luxury cars, yet they can't even tip $1 for their food. If it's difficult for you to acquire those items then it shouldn't even be a priority to own them. But as Cornel West said on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, they're obsessed with "superficial spectacle."

That luxury fashion piece? Bought with a credit card. That flashy sports car? Financed and simultaneously depreciating.

Working delivery completely changed how I looked at people. It's amazing how the media wants the masses to believe wealthy people are mostly evil and egregious, yet it's the poor masses who cause majority of the strife in society.

In NYC for example, when COVID19 caused the city to shut down, it was revealed that nearly 50% in income taxes there were paid by the wealthy. When they found the opportunity to escape, the dimwitted Governor Andrew Cuomo begged them to come back.

They won't be coming back. Cities like Miami are nicer and have lower taxes, so now the city will have to really see how it feels to have to foot its own bill. It's like a sugar baby getting cut off by her wealthy benefactor.

I've ordered delivery a few times and I see the amount of fees that are attached. A $30 order will end up with $10-15 attached with the tax, delivery fees and restaurant fees. I simply do not understand the logic of a person who can't even afford to place the order to begin with then going and doing so.

It's a testament to how many Americans are drunk on the illusion of freedom. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Just because you have the ability to do so doesn't make it a good decision. This is why so Americans are broke and are now at the mercy of the government dangling a second stimulus check over their heads.

Too many Americans want 5 star service with 1 star money. It simply doesn't work like that in this country. You get what you pay for is a very true statement. I'm very grateful for the people who did tip, but it's really a sad the state most Americans are in.

Americans are truly living in a neo-feudalistic society where the peasants pretend to be princes and princesses, at their own demise. Credit card debt, student loan debt, housing debt, their entire lives are lived in debt.

While the wealthy order healthy, gourmet foods, and give great tips with them, the poor order fast trash and are stingy to give tips. It is an interesting observation that ultimate leads to delivery drivers despising the poor.

Even when I wasn't as financially successful as I am now, I always tipped when I ordered food delivery. Simply because it felt good to me to know that I can help someone out.

I don't know how much they were being paid, and I didn't care. I just wanted to pay it forward, because I knew the momentum of giving a good tip.

That good tip motivates the deliver driver to then go and want to work as efficiently or more efficiently for their next delivery and so on.

It's so amazing how this translates to even politics. Politicians hate the poor. They only use them for votes and to sign legacy bills, but besides that, they despise them.

That's why they drag their feet whenever it comes to creating a better environment for them.

What it says about you when you don't tip your delivery driver or waiter/waitress is you'l feel entitled to amazing service but don't want to pay for it.

That's why many people who don't tip don't know certain services like DoorDash show the pay for a delivery including any tips in the offer to couriers. These couriers then decide to refuse the order and it gets passed around to other couriers until someone takes it like a fake Rolex.

What ends up happening is a negative feedback loop of the person not tipping, getting their food order late as a result, then not wanting to tip even more because of it. It's a self induced situation, but the people who don't tip don't realize this because they're so self absorbed, coddled and lazy to ever consider another person bringing them their food.

Truthfully one thing I realized is in NYC I rarely delivered food to a middle aged Asian person let alone any Asian that wasn't a trust fund baby living in Midtown. These are usually hikikimores who stay inside all day as well. Asian people will sell the food that's delivered and deliver it, but they won't go out of their way to order delivery.

This is one of the reasons why as much as Americans think they're better than the Chinese, they don't even work as hard as their fingernails. Chinese people are coming into the US, outworking Americans in their own schools and establishments, and either setting up their own businesses collectively as a community or returning to their homes with the added knowledge.

I don't know how I could ever be sympathetic to people living in the projects when I literally have delivered filet mignon there. Think about it. They live in abject poverty yet use their money to buy one of the most expensive cuts of steak in the world? It's sheer idiocy.

These troubling experiences are what makes me grateful to have left the US. The truth is majority of its citizens are wage slaves, and they will soon be enslaved by foreigners. China's rising financial elite will keep buying up major cities like New York and San Francisco, putting the US in a bind. They'll bring financial prosperity, but it will not touch the hands of the poor, similar to the Cantillon Effect in finance.

The beauty of the USA is everyone's has the opportunity to make something of themselves. This is about self betterment. Many of the country's poor don't understand this because they've let Democrats convince them they should be welfare slaves. Then they adopt self destructive habits like trying to act rich and do what the rich do; instead of actually becoming rich.

Ordering food delivery is one of those things, and not tipping exposes them as such.

If you do order food delivery and want a discount on your order, here's a few links for every app. Just remember to tip.